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The INO MarketClub is a set of trading tools consisting of the following features:

1. Institutional trade tracking software (i.e. Trade Triangles),

2. Advanced stock charting and analysis software, advanced stock trend analysis tool (i.e. SmartScan), and

3. A Complete portfolio of online trading workshops. 

In addition, the MarketClub service also provides support for daily, weekly and monthly emails to enable the active trader an easy access to the most up-to-date trading information and valuable trading advisory. 

History of INO and Creation of MarketClub

INO.com was founded in 1995 as a resource site for futures and options trading. As such, quoting and charting services were brought online to support the needs of the trading community.  Not long thereafter, the trading community began to demand more resources above and beyond the basic charting software.  As a result, the founder of INO.com, Adam Hewison, began soliciting technical expert advice from his soon to be partner, David Maher.  With Hewison's trading background and Maher's technical prowess, they soon architected and developed the MarketClub trading solution.  MarketClub soon evolved into a very effective stock trading system that combined a set of powerful analysis software with the educational resources to provide the investor with an edge on the trading market. 

Hewison is not new to the trading markets.  He was a forex trader and advisor and was one of the first active currency traders when the Chicago Mercantile Exchange developed the financial futures trading in the 1970s.  Then, in the 1980s, Hewison got interested in trying to help other traders succeed in the market and eventually introduced a foreign exchange advisory service, more popularly known as the FXPro.  He subsequently branched out beyond the Forex advisory service to include trading services in the options and futures markets as well.  With the help of his partner, an internet applications developer, INO.com was soon born in the mid 1990s.  The website quickly grew to accommodate other services such as the INO TV education system, and the Futures Alert.  The MarketClub trading software, however, is still INO's biggest component out of the 3 major services provided to the trading community. 

Details of the MarketClub Trading System

The MarketClub stock trading software provides the tools, technology, and information needed to succeed as a trader or an investor. It also provides the tools for diversification and money management, two key elements of managing risk. An in-depth Market Club review indicates that the MarketClub service can be beneficial for the following types of traders:

1. The short-term swing trader who trades using the daily charts.  This type of trader is usually in the market for a few days or possibly a few weeks, depending on the strength or weakness of the market.

2. The intermediate-term trader who trades using the weekly charts.  This type of trader is usually in the market for weeks and in some cases months at a time.

3. The long-term position trading investor who trades using the monthly data and charts.  This type of investor is usually in the market for months and in some cases years at a time, looking for long term major moves in the market.

Market Club trading software contains the following features:

* The Smart Scan technology allows the trader to find uptrends and downtrends, long-term trends, and "insider" buying and selling. With the Smart Scan technology, a trader is able to spot big moves as soon as the pros do. Smart Scan is the only online scan technology that provides instant technical analysis and allows the trader to scan for opportunities in stocks, futures, foreign exchange, and soon, precious metals. The trader chooses the type of scans to perform, based on the trader's own personal trading style.

* The Chart Portfolio section enables the trader to chart analyze over 230,000 symbols with just a click of a mouse. MarketClub's Chart Portfolio is a valuable feature because it allows the trader can personalize his/her portfolio for the symbols and markets that he is following. The trader can chart analyze over 230,000 symbols, creating bar, candlestick, and line charts (weekly, monthly, and quarterly) with just a click of a mouse. Thirteen studies can be applied- many of which are recognized as key technical elements in determining price movement. Studies include Bollinger Bands, Moving Averages, Parabolis SAR, MACD, RSI, Stochastic, and more. The proprietary charting applet enables the user to browse the data in almost any format.

* At Data Central, the investor can download as much data as desired for over 230,000 symbols. Data can be downloaded starting at one-minute increments, and go all the way up to daily data. Market Club is the only place on the web today that allows the investor to download data in ASCII format on stocks, futures, precious metals and foreign exchange. If a trader that has a personal special spreadsheet or charting program, all of the data can be downloaded to be processed on the personal programs.

* The Trade School on the web is among the fastest and easiest way to learn new trading techniques. Trade School allows the trader to create a personal and custom trading conference by downloading files to his own computer. The trader receives unlimited access to professional workshops, and can choose the exact mix of workshops and speakers that he wants to hear. Currently, there are over 80 hours of speakers' workshops that cover stocks, futures, options, foreign exchange, indices, day trading, money management, and psychology. The investor also receives free downloads of the workbooks that accompany every workshop. More workshops are continually being added, so the investor can keep on learning!

* A daily end-of-the-day email gives you a complete analysis of your entire portfolio. You can analyze your own portfolio instantly, at any time. But if you don't have the time, you can count on MarketClub to deliver it to your email inbox at the end of each trading day.

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